Feruza is a female name of Uzbek origin, which means “turquoise.” The name is derived from the Persian word “firuzeh,” which refers to the blue-green mineral known as turquoise.

Those who bear the name Feruza are believed to embody qualities associated with the gemstone, such as beauty, elegance, and serenity. Turquoise is known for its striking blue-green color, and is often used in jewelry and decorative objects for its beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Feruza is a popular name in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries, as well as among the Uzbek diaspora. It is a name that carries both cultural and religious significance, as turquoise is also a symbol of protection and healing in many cultures and religions.

In Islamic spirituality, turquoise is believed to have protective and healing properties, and is often used in amulets and talismans for this purpose. Therefore, the name Feruza is also considered a religiously significant name for Muslim parents seeking to name their daughters after a positive attribute associated with Islamic spirituality.

Overall, the name Feruza is a beautiful and meaningful name that represents the idea of beauty, elegance, and serenity, as well as the importance of protection and healing. It is a name that carries both cultural and religious significance, making it a popular choice for Muslim parents seeking a name with a positive and meaningful message.

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