Malak is a popular name in Uzbekistan, which is derived from Arabic and has a rich and profound meaning. The name Malak is often given to girls and boys and can be spelled in various ways, including Malek, Malik, Malick, and Melek.

The Arabic origin of the name Malak means “angel,” “messenger,” or “divine.” In Islamic tradition, Malak is one of the names of the angels who convey the messages of Allah to the prophets. The name is also associated with beauty, grace, and purity, as well as strength and courage.

In Uzbek culture, the name Malak represents a person who is kind, compassionate, and caring. It also symbolizes leadership, authority, and confidence. People with the name Malak are believed to have a strong sense of justice and fairness, and they are often respected and admired for their honesty and integrity.

Overall, the name Malak is a beautiful and meaningful choice for a baby, reflecting the values of spirituality, kindness, and strength.

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