Mohira is a beautiful Uzbek name that has various meanings. In Uzbek, Mohira means "skilled" or "competent". The name also has Persian roots, where it means "wise" or "intelligent".

Additionally, the name Mokhira can also mean "free-spirited" or "independent". This meaning is derived from the Uzbek word "Mokh", which means "will" or "desire", and "Hira", which means "free". Therefore, Mohira is a name given to a girl who is known for her strong will and independent nature.

In some cases, the name Mohira is also associated with a girl who has nimble and skillful hands. This interpretation comes from the Uzbek word "<a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Mohir</a>" which means "skillful", and "Qo'l" which means "hand". Thus, Mohira can also mean "skillful hands" or "dexterous fingers".

The name also carries connotations of being organized, tidy, and efficient. This meaning is derived from the Uzbek word "Mohir", which means "orderly" or "organized". Therefore, can be seen as a name given to a girl who is well-organized and capable of managing multiple tasks with ease.

Overall, Mohira is a name that conveys a sense of competence, independence, skillfulness, and organization. It is a <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">popular name</a> among Uzbek families and is often given to girls who embody these characteristics.

Adding the given meaning in English: "Skilled, independent, mature, skillful hands, nimble, agile, precise, and organized girl."

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